Tailored Manufacturing Partnerships

Tailored Manufacturing Partnerships

At Vestech Medical, we understand the importance of globally sourcing and tailoring manufacturing to ensure your medical device meets the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Our design transfer process involves not only producing production specifications and verifying the manufacturing process, but also integrating Design for Manufacture and Design for Regulatory into your product from the early stages of the project.

We evaluate suppliers with consideration of their manufacturing scalability and quality control processes, to prevent the need for sourcing a new supplier as production increases post-market. This approach saves time and cost at the design transfer phase, ensuring a streamlined transition to manufacturing of product that repeatedly and reliably meets product specifications and quality acceptance.

Our foresight into manufacturing considerations such as packaging, sterilisation, and transportation design early in the project sets you up for regulatory success, reducing your time to market. We understand that depending on the jurisdiction, Design Transfer may be required to be completed prior to a regulatory submission to meet all regulatory requirements, and we ensure that your product is fully compliant with applicable regulations governing the manufacturing of medical devices for commercialisation.

Vestech Medical assisted a client developing a new medical device that required intricate high volume manufacturing assembly processes and strict regulatory compliance. Our team noticed that some of the suppliers initially identified by the client were not equipped to meet GMP and ISO 13485 requirements. So, we proactively evaluated alternative suppliers with strong manufacturing scalability and quality control processes. Our foresight and early consideration of manufacturing considerations ensured a streamlined transition to manufacturing, reducing our client’s time to market. Thanks to our thorough approach, our client successfully brought their medical device to market and achieved commercial success, even receiving licensing bids from multiple parties.

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