Our services are tailored to three main areas of specialisation; Startup Ventures, Existing Medical Device Companies and Government, Legal and Industry groups

Startup Ventures

Many a startup has failed despite championing a brilliant invention or innovation. This typically occurs because any one person, or even a small group of people, cannot possibly have all the skill sets required for success. They are also unlikely to have experience in the field of device commercialization as typically they are from a technical or clinical background. The path to success is not obvious, is hard and has many pitfalls.

Vestech works with the original innovators to highlight hazards, see to it that the required skills are engaged and, with the founders, plan the best possible route to success.

Medical Device Companies

Vestech’s work with established medical device companies has included project management of a “off core” task on their behalf, assessment of externally developed technologies as part of an acquisition strategy, engaging with tertiary institutions to manage a collaborative relationship and individual device design and enhancement.

Vestech speaks fluent Univerity-ese, Inventor-ese, Surgeon-ese, Doctor-ese, VC-ese, Patent-ese, Legal-ese, Regulator-ese and Multinational-ese. We can see to your translating issues.

Government, Legal & Industry Groups

Vestech has worked in the areas of policy development, key player engagement, lobbying and consulting on legal issues and device related arbitration. Having worked across the broad spectrum of activities and issues, Vestech is able to provide a balanced perspective with detailed insight.