Medical Device Innovation

Startup Ventures

Many startups fail despite championing a brilliant invention or innovation. Typically this due to a lack of device commercialisation experience. The path to success is not obvious and there are many pitfalls. Vestech works with innovators to highlight both opportunities and hazards, and to plan the best possible route to success. [read more]

Medical Device Companies

Vestech’s work with established medical device companies has included project management of a “off core” tasks, assessment of externally developed technologies, engaging with tertiary institutions, managing collaborative relationships, and individual device design and enhancement. [read more]

Government & Advisory

Vestech continues to work in the areas of government policy development, key player engagement, lobbying and consulting on legal issues and device related arbitration. Having worked across the broad spectrum of activities and issues, Vestech is able to provide a balanced perspective with detailed insight. [read more]


Dr Gary Verdickt

Vestech provided invaluable advice on our commercialistion strategy. Their advice prevented loss of scarce time and capital, and alerted us to risks we would face in the future. Our time with Vestech has been critical for our success to date.

Greg Roger brings an incredible breadth of experience & knowledge to the table – engineering, patents, regulatory, medical devices, surgery. And this knowledge is of the first-hand, hard-won variety. What this means is that Greg’s advice tends to be extremely practical and useful.

Dr Roger was a pleasure to work with in his role as the Medical and Scientific Technologies Supplier Advocate during 2013-14. He was professional, innovative, enthusiastic and passionate about achieving practical outcomes to drive the sustainable growth of the medtech sector. [read more]

Vestech News

Vestech develops new blood pump

Vestech has been engaged by a Perth based technology company to assist in development of their novel blood pumping device for both external and implanted applications. Vestech has brought together a team of cardiac surgeons, experienced cardiac device engineers as well as Vestech’s own internal team in order to bring this technology into clinical use. […]

Vestech developing new BPH treatment

Vestech has been assisting Prostacare P/L, the owners and developers of a novel treatment for Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH), in the development of their product including the IP strategy and working towards regulatory approval under CE Marking and through the FDA. Working with the German vendors and the Singaporean based clinical researchers, Vestech has been […]

3D printing of living cells collaboration

Vestech has been working with Inventia Life Sciences, a spin out from the UNSW, developing a world-first high precision 3D printer for living cells. In addition to working on clinical and surgical applications, Vestech assisted Inventia Life Sciences with their recent successful Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, administered through the Federal Department of Industry. Vestech’s work with […]

Vestech works with Headsafe

Vestech has been working with Headsafe, led by Dr Adrian Cohen, a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney to develop a practical, immediate and reliable means of assessing visual evoked potentials (VEPs) in a real world setting. Typically VEPs are measured in a lab and take some time, this new method takes two minutes […]