James Poyitt successful at the Intel International Science and Technology Fair

James Poyitt, a 16 year old school student visited Vestech, along with his father Stewart Poyitt for advice on his innovative leg rehabilitation device. James had been selected to present his invention in Phoenix Arizona at the Intel International Science and Technology Fair – a huge honour. Vestech’s Dr Roger assisted them with weighing up the path to commercialisation and intellectual property protection. James has developed a novel way to support injured lower limbs while seated. His quick and effective device means that the limb is elevated as often as possible and with the greatest of ease – all inspired by his brother’s ankle injury and the difficulties he experienced during rehabilitation.

James was awarded one of the few scholarships on offer at the awards and was the only person from outside the USA to receive this award. An outstanding achievement. His story is here: https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/injured-leg-here’s-built-footstool




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