Fostering Innovation through removing bureaucratic hurdles.

In the most recent edition of the BiotechNow newsletter, Daniel Seaton reports on the 100th successful Biotech listing since the introduction of the JOBS Act in the US. As he reports:

Enacted in April 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act makes the pathway to capital formation more attainable for small biotechnology companies, clearing the way for American innovation and ingenuity by removing bureaucratic hurdles and red tape to speed cures and medical breakthroughs to patients.”

The full article, including insightful interviews with CEOs who have benefited from this effective stimulus to successful commercialisation of innovation, can be read at:

We need to take these initiative here in Australia. Instead with still have the crippling tax treatment of Share Options, one of the few tools start-ups have to reduce costs. It needs to go. Now.





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