Device Innovation

Vestech has developed both the process and skills needed for succeeding with the development and commercialisation of innovative Medical Devices. We work in partnership with our clients and tailor our services to your specific needs.

At Vestech we work to develop custom strategies with each of our clients. This strategy will be unique to the device and state of development in each particular case. Some of the strategy elements include:

Market Opportunity analysis

  • Our extensive experience and networks within the medical device arena places us in a position to analyse and evaluate the market potential of an idea or device.

Business plan development

  • An effective business plan is critical to success. It helps set initial strategies and goals and as a living planning tool it helps prioritise efforts, identify risks, secure finances evaluate opportunities and reduce investment risk.

Intellectual property assessment and strategy

  • Protecting your idea effectively is a cornerstone of innovation; Vestech has deep experience in this area. We can help you construct your patent strategy to most comprehensively protect your ideas.

Capital requirements

  • Designing, prototyping, and marketing a device is a costly process, and we can help you identify and minimise these costs and improve your return on investment. We can provide assistance with access to grants and investors using our extensive network.

Regulatory planning and compliance

  • Regulatory planning and strategy is an integral part of medical device development and early engagement is vital to facilitate future success. Vestech’s employees have expertise in this area, achieving and maintaining compliance with various global regulatory requirements.

Reimbursement planning

  • Early planning for reimbursement strategies in each market is needed to effectively navigate this complex area.

Design Services

  • From complete product development, through to assisting with design for manufacture and design optimisation for regulatory compliance, Vestech is able to complement and assist with your device design.

Clinical evidence planning

  • The requirements for clinical evidence differ across the medical devices spectrum and these must be met before a product can be placed on the market. Vestech is able to assist in planning clinical evidence and, if needs be, arranging clinical trials.

Project management

  • Vestech will guide your product development efficiently from initial concept to market release utilising Vestech’s project management framework and planning tools.